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Become a WyDHA Leader  

GENERAL REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: As stated in the Wyoming Dental Practice Act and the Wyoming Dental Hygienists’ Association By-Laws

  1. Legally qualified to practice 

  2. Has been actively practicing for five continuous years immediately prior to appointment. 

  3. Holds a current license to practice dental hygiene in the state of Wyoming.

  4. Is a voting member of the Wyoming Dental Hygienists’ Association. 

POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Please see below for a list of open positions for the upcoming WyDHA and WBDE terms. Positions will be filled at the upcoming WyDHA Annual Session. The WBDE dental hygienist is submitted to the governor for selection and the terms are for 4 years.

  1. Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners (WBDE) Dental Hygienist

WyDHA Positions:

  1. Treasurer

  2. Delegate

  3. Alternate Delegate

  4. President Elect

  5. Legislative Committee

  6. Convention Chairperson


The WDHA utilizes a selection process for choosing candidates for appointment to the WBDE. The appointments are made by the Governor from a list of three candidates submitted by WDHA. Notification of position vacancy will be published in the official newsletter of this Association. Interested candidates are asked to submit a letter of interest to the Executive Board. 

The following pages contain sample letters and suggested criteria. The President will oversee the selection process and may appoint a special committee for this purpose.  

The Executive Board submits the candidates’ names for approval by the present and voting membership at the Annual Business Meeting immediately prior to the appointment. 

The Executive Board of the WDHA is now accepting letters of interest for the above mentioned position. We are looking for persons with the following characteristics and experience: 

  1. Sincere desire to serve/protect the citizens of Wyoming. 

  2. An understanding of the scope of responsibility and commitment required of this position. 

  3. Demonstrated leadership qualities such as having served as an officer or committee member with WDHA. 

  4.  Demonstrated effective communication skills and ability to work with a group to make decisions. 

  5. Demonstrated clinical proficiency. 

  6. Pursued continuing education courses since graduation to keep current with the trends of dental hygiene. 

  7. Awareness of current dental hygiene issues both state wide and nationally. 

If you are Interested in becoming a candidate please submit a letter of interest and complete the Questionnaire (which will prompt when you press the below button). This information will go directly to the Executive Board. Please read the descriptions below to educate yourself on the positions you are interested in.

Please submit letter and answer questionnaire below.

Name *


  1. Refer to current budget and current strategic plan for allocated funding. Additional expenses are reimbursed at the discretion of the Executive Board.

  2. Requests may be made to the Treasurer for authorized expenses, or bills may be submitted at any meeting of the Association.

  3. Executive Board members should attend all meetings of this Association or submit a brief report to the President prior to any meeting they are unable to attend.

  4. Committee chairpersons should send a brief written report to the President of pertinent committee activity prior to Executive Board meetings.

  5. Keep an organized and accurate file of pertinent information and correspondence to be passed on to one’s successor. Purge files as necessary. Items of historical value may be sent to the Historian.

  6. Keep a chronologic file of Annual Reports submitted from your office/chairperson.

  7. Submit an annual report as identified in this manual.

  8. Submit appropriate material to the Newsletter Editor for publishing when indicated.


  1. It will be the managing body of the Association, vested with the full power to conduct all business of the Association, subject only to the laws of Wyoming, the U.S. Constitution, the Bylaws of this Association, and the mandates of the members of this Association.

  2. It will control and manage the property and affairs of this Association.

  3. It will have the power to establish procedural rules and administrative functions of this Association, consistent with the Bylaws, to govern its organization, operations, and conduct.

  4. It will have the power to commit the Association through complementary and denunciatory resolution, serving as the official voice of the profession of dental hygiene in Wyoming.

  5. It will have the power to enact interim policies between meetings of this Association when such policies are necessary to the proper conduct of this Association’s affairs, provided that such policies are presented to the voting membership of this Association for ratification at the next meeting.

  6. It will hold at least two (2) regular meetings of the Executive Board each year.

  7. It will hold an Annual Association Planning Workshop to set goals and formulate/activate the WDHA Strategic Plan. The President-Elect will be chairperson of the workshop.

  8. It will assist the Treasurer to prepare a proposed itemized budget of funds necessary to properly conduct Association business/activities for the ensuing year.

  9. It will approve Presidential appointments for Committee Chairpersons and other appointed positions.

  10. It will utilize a selection process to formulate a list of candidates, to be approved by the voting members of this Association, and submit to the Governor of Wyoming from which appointments for vacancies on the State Board of Dental Examiners will be made. (See selection process-WBDE)

  11. It will determine dates for publication, circulation (members/non-members), and approve advertising rates for the Association newsletter.

  12. It will be responsible for periodic revision of the Policy and Procedure Manual to maintain its objective. Administrative revisions are made at the discretion of the Executive Board. Changes to the Standing Rules, Bylaws, or Policy Statements are subject to a member vote.


PRESIDENT-ELECT: President-Elect: Elected by the WDHA membership at the Annual Meeting to serve a term of three years – President-Elect, President, Immediate Past President. 

Objective: Preparation to serve as the WDHA President. 


  1. Serve as a member of the Executive Board 

  2. Refer to the current year’s Strategic Plan for specific duties/responsibilities beyond those listed in this manual.

  3. Act as an official representative of the President when requested. Preside at meetings at the President’s request or absence. 

  4. Succeed to the office of President without election at the next Annual Meeting, and/or succeed to the office of President in case of death, resignation, or removal of the President. 

  5. Serve as co-chairperson of the nominating committee, with the Immediate Past President, to fill a slate of officers and committee chairpersons for the upcoming year. 

  6. Serve as coordinator for the Annual WDHA Planning Workshop. Arrange for a date, location, meeting facilities, etc. Notify all WDHA officers, committee chairpersons, and members of the meeting specifics 30 days prior to the workshop.  

  7. After the Strategic Plan is developed, contact persons assigned to a task as to their availability and desire to perform the task. 

  8. Serve as a member or chairperson of the Membership Committee. (See Membership Committee) 

  9. Facilitate the President-Elect portion of the Mentor Program. (See the appendix) 

  10. At the last Executive Board Meeting prior to the office of President, submit a list of Committee Chairs to the Executive Board. 

  11. Select a gift to be given to the outgoing President at the Annual Meeting. 

  12. Submit a written annual report as identified in this manual. 



 ADHA Delegate: Elected by the WDHA membership at the Annual Meeting to serve a term of one year. 

ADHA Alternate Delegate: Appointed by the President to serve a term of one year. 

 Objective: Represent this Association at the Annual session with the privilege of debate and vote. 


  1. ADHA Delegate will serve as a member of the Executive Board. 

ADHA Alternate Delegate will serve as a non-voting member of the Executive Board. 

  1. Refer to the current WDHA Strategic Plan for specific duties or planned committee activities. 

  2. Attend all meetings of the House of Delegates, general session of the ADHA and all District Caucuses. 

  3. Submit any proposed resolutions fro this Association to the ADHA Executive Director at least 60 days prior to the session. 

  4. Consult with the WDHA Executive Board on matters to be considered by the ADHA House of Delegates. 

  5. Establish communication with the Alternate Delegate. 

  6. Request budgeted monies from the Treasurer for attendance at the Annual Session. Remit receipts to the Treasurer upon return from the meeting. A $50 per diem will be allotted per delegate in attendance at Annual Session and receipts will be obtained whenever possible but will not be required. Be financially responsible for Association money; return the unused portion if you are under budget. 

  7. The Alternate Delegate will serve as Delegate in the event that an emergency arises which affects the Delegate’s ability to serve while registered at the ADHA Annual Session.  

  8. The Alternate Delegate’s duties are the same as the Delegates. No separate report is necessary 

  9. Take an electronic copy of the WDHA Constituent Report to the Annual Session. Collect other state’s constituent reports and forward to the President. 

  10. Carefully consider the qualifications of candidates for national office and cast Wyoming’s vote for ADHA Officers and District Trustees. 

  11. Submit a written annual report as identified in this manual 

  12. Send written report outlining business transacted at the ADHA Annual Session to the Newsletter Editor. 


Legislative Chairperson: Appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board. 

Committee Composition: The Chairperson plus any interested individuals from the voting membership. 

 Objective: Understand the legislative and regulatory board process surrounding the regulation and practice of dental hygiene in Wyoming and take appropriate action to protect and promote legislation in the best interests of the public’s dental health, and of the profession. 


  1. Refer to the current WDHA Strategic Plan for specific duties or planned committee activities. 

  2. Study trends in legislative activity pertaining to dental hygienists on the national, state, and local levels. 

  3. Study the Wyoming Dental Practice Act and its Rules and Regulations. 

  4. Be responsible for monitoring State Board of Dental Examiners meetings and report to the President. 

  5. Be aware of any legislation or rule change affecting the practice of dental hygiene. Report to the Executive Board. Prepare and submit testimony as indicated. 

  6. Facilitate communication/contact with state legislators and WDHA/RDHs. 

  7. Submit pertinent articles/information to the newsletter editor. 

  8. Make recommendations for distribution of association PAC contributions when appropriate.  

  9. Submit a written report as outlined in this manual. 

CONVENTION CHAIRPERSON: Appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board. 

 Objectives: Coordinate a successful, effective, well-attended Annual Meeting. Provide quality, timely, continuing education for dental hygienists. Create a source of non-dues revenue for the Association. 


  1. Work with the President to plan and coordinate all aspects of the meeting. 

  2. Appoint subcommittees as appropriate. Possible subcommittees would be: 

    • Continuing EducationRegistration 

    • Publicity Facilities 

    • Donated Items: Goodie bags, raffle prizes, door prizes, samples 

  3. Contact area hotels/facilities to determine their availability and cost at least one year in advance of the meeting. A list of possible meeting dates should be sent to the President for approval by the Executive Board no later than the first board meeting of the term. The meeting facility should be reserved after the date is approved and the date published in the next issue of the newsletter. 

  4. Contact potential speakers to determine their cost and availability for the selected meeting date. Forward a list of potential speakers to the President no later than the second board meeting of the term. Speakers should be reserved immediately following approval of the Executive Board. A file of potential speakers should be maintained and passed on to the next chairperson. 

  5. Contact corporate sponsors for contributions, both monetary, and product samples/promotional items. 

  6. Contact area dental supply representatives to determine if they are interested in display booth space. Booth space rental fees will be set by the convention chairperson. (As a guideline, booth space can be made available at no cost to corporate sponsors who make a substantial monetary contribution.) 

  7. If possible, plan a WDHA fund-raiser during the convention. (Institute for Oral Health, Legislative committee, POP fund) Possible fund-raiser ideas:

    • Raffles

    • Silent Auction 

    • Bingo 

  8. Determine the budget of the meeting considering the costs of: 

    • Speakers, Hotel, Facilities, Copies 

    • AV materials, Meals/Breaks, Printing 

    • Gifts*Decorations, Mailing *Gifts may be given to speakers who are donating all or part of their time; ADHA Officers/Representatives and WDHA members who have provided a significant contribution to the meeting’s success. 

  9. Set the registration fee based upon the cost of the meeting, expected number of registrants, and the desired profit potential. The fee schedule should allow for: 

    • Nonmember fees should be more than member fees 

    • Student member’s fees should be less than member fees. 

    • Executive board member’s fees are one half of the member’s fee. 

    • The President, Convention Chairperson, and ADHA representatives may register at no cost. 

    • There will be no partial registration fees. 

    • Non-members should be allowed to register at member fees if they pay their membership dues at the meeting. 

  10. The registration form should be published in the newsletter and should be sent to the District X Trustee, District X Presidents, and appropriate ADHA representatives. Registration Forms may also be sent to dental hygiene students, the WDA President, and other interested parties. The deadline for registration should be approximately two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. 

  11. Contact the Chamber of Commerce to obtain city maps, lists of motels and restaurants, and any other information which might benefit the registrants. This information could be made available at the registration desk or upon request. 

  12. Keep an accurate record of registrations and money received. Registration fees and an accounting should be submitted to the WDHA Treasurer as soon as possible after the meeting. 

  13. Provide name badges for all registrants. Badges of the WDHA Executive Board, District X Trustee, ADHA Representative and the Convention Chairperson should include his/her title. 

  14. Registration packets should contain the schedule of meeting events, information about the speakers, and the business meeting agenda. Nonmember packets should contain a letter describing the benefits of membership and a membership application. 

  15. Send thank you notes to all who contributed to the meeting’s success. 

  16. Serve as an advisory member to the next year’s convention chairperson. 

  17. Conduct an online survey to all attendees following the meeting. 

  18. Submit a written report to the President 30 days following the meeting as identified in this manual. Include a complete accounting of the financial records.